The Forest office Kastellaun lies on the Hunsrück plain, an attractive natural and cultural landscape in the Central Rhine slate mountain range. The equal landscape of the Hunsrück plain characterise this landscape also as the Rhine and Mosel rivers, with their deep valleys, fruit orchards, vineyards, fields and woods. Since summer 2002, the Central Rhine Valley has been recognised by UNESCO as a Site of Cultural Heritage.

The Forest Office manages and maintains the state-owned forest and the woods of 39 local authorities in the Rhine-Hunsrück area. By sustained forestry management it contributes to long term safety, maintenance and development of the natural woodland with all the positive side effects that has for people. Further work includes consultation and support of private woodland owners, training of forestry personnel, nature preservation, landscape maintenance, environmental education and much more.

The total woodland area maintained by the Forest office Kastellaun is about 13.400 hectares; that is about 134 km². Of that, 73% is local authority woodland, 19% state-owned woodland and 8% privately owned woodland. The timber amount reaches about 60.000 bank metre per year.

Maintenance of woodland areas consists of regeneration, preservation, care and harvest of trees. The goal of forest cultivation is to grow, care for and maintain ecologically healthy and stable woodland areas, suitable to their location, of high quality with a large quantity of timber. The dominant tree types are spruce trees, Douglas firs, as well as oaks and beech.

Special features of the Forest office are the Kolbenstein Woodland Youth Hostel which, as an environmental educational facility, gives children, young people and all those interested in woods the possibility to examine woodlands more closely, and serves as a meeting point for participants in work camps and a special kind of tree-nursery for propagation of cuttings to propagate seldom domestic trees and bushes.